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Where expertise meets innovation in irrigation solutions. With over 13 years of industry leadership, we have established ourselves as pioneers in manufacturing high-quality irrigation products that are meticulously designed to optimize water usage and enhance crop yields.

At Ayyappa Plastics, we prioritize water conservation in agriculture. Our innovative solutions exceed industry standards, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. Through continuous research and development, we lead the way in revolutionizing irrigation methods. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart as industry leaders, dedicated to shaping the future of farming. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. From our manufacturing processes to the materials we use, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing the sustainability of agricultural practices worldwide.

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Antimicrobial Fabric

What products Does Your Company Manufatures?

We produce pvc layflat hose, PE layflat hose, pvc hose and irrigation PE pipe.

Water Repellent & Acrylic Coating Fabric

How Do Your Fittings Connect Various Irrigation Tools Easily?

Drip pipe fittings are used to attach drip tape, drip line, PVC layflat hose and PE pipe. We produce an widely selection of drip irrigation fittings.

Fire Retardant Coating Fabric

What Does The Water And Fertilizer Integrated Machine Do For Farming?

The water and fertilizer integrated machine is a substance that combines modern science and technology with the development of the agricultural industry.

Fire Retardant Coating Fabric

How Do Your Irrigation Filters Help Maintain Drip Irrigation Systems?

Our irrigation filters keep your drip irrigation system in good condition any time.

Fire Retardant Coating Fabric

What Sizes Do Your Solenoid Irrigation Valves Come In?

Our solenoid irrigation valve are widely use in irrigation system in size 1.5", 2", 3”and 4".

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